Other Stuff

Brand Man V
A Website publishing case studies used in an ongoing review of web design.
Frugal Living
Get into the habit of saving money with advice from this blog.
Henry Edward Baxter
Fansite devoted to 19th century author Henry Edward Baxter.
Inc-5’s GeoStatics
A small archive of articles about various things presented by the GeoStatics Website.
Incredula, the Web Listings
Listings and profiles of various Websites provided by the Incredula directory.
Maverick Waves
A look at Half Moon Bay and the world-famous Mavericks through the eyes of a camera-toting tourist.
Various essays that are hard to place in other categories.
Occula, the Website
This is a small, concise reference for other Websites.
Paper.li’s Communizine Daily
Daily news items from Paper.li as rounded up by the Communizine Twitter account.
Recipes for the Happier Side of Life
Mostly short, cute essays that mention various people from across history.
Records Background Daily News
The daily news as captured by Paper.li through the Records Background Twitter account.
Spencer Bassett
Fairly complete information concerning the mid-1800s writer Spencer Bassett.
A thoughtful collection of articles that explore philosophy and history.
The Beehive
A hive filled with articles produced by busy little bees.
The Reckoners
Another great site from a small team of writers and developers.
Tom White’s Site
Part Three represents an old attempt at archiving a small selection of Websites.
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