Activity For All
Not really a blog but has a thoughtful collection of essays about how to change one’s life and lifestyle.
Browsing Up A Storm!
Interesting take on the way the Internet has changed people’s lives.
Cable Man’s Web Cave
A Web cave is a crazy kind of Website and Jeff Cable is exactly the kind of guy to put one together.
Cities of Australia
Another collection of essays covering various major cities of Australia.
A blog covering an eclectic selection of topics for just about anyone.
Coupons Articles
Articles about how to collect and use coupons to save money.
A non-blog that should have been published as a blog.
Fleet of Islands
The ultimate blog that uses a nautical-oceanic metaphor for a concept.
Furlong blog
Just a small blog that contains articles on every topic imaginable. Pretty creative effort.
Gerald Pinkman
Personal blog of a freelance writer who shares examples of his writing style.
Holdem Headlines
Another interesting blog filled with articles and links for your good reference.
Jimmy Wilson Takes the Web
Web blogger Jimmy Wilson takes on every topic he can think of and then some.
Johnny Miller Blog
This blog by writer Johnny Miller takes you down some topical paths you didn’t expect to visit.
Organized Thought
Not really a blog but it should be. Really, it should.
Poker FAQs
Another great little poker blog site.
Radical Changes and Philosophy: A Quest
Another substandard review of philosophers and philosophy.
The Blog for Records Background
The official administrative blog for the newly updated, redesigned, reconfigured Records Background Website.
The Flying Buttress
A blog covering a variety of topics including … well, stuff.
Tom Spinacle on Tripod
The original Tripod-hosted Website by Tom Spinacle.
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